THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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December 2005

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12/12/2005: "holy crap, I think everything you said is amazing"

HOLY SHIT I WAS LYING! First of all, Star Wars is a mother fucking movie. If you're so enraged that you have to start your own relgious cult to discredit a fictional work of art such as this movie, then you need to take a good look at yourself and look at how fucked up you yourself are. Are these the type of actions your God would want you to do? what ever happened to fucking harmony and shit you assholes. You guys are probably just jealous because George Lucas gets laid ALLLLLL the time and no woman will ever see your microscopic penis's. Your attempt for spite against this man that has brought so much joy to this otherwise dull world will go unnoticed. Seriously... do you get anything that's NOT hatemail? I say no. You're lucky the force isn't real, because if it was I would take my dark jedi lightsaber and shove it up your stupid anal retentive assholes. fuckers. If you're going to start discrediting something, why don't you start with that god awful movie Star Trek? there's your blasphemy. Jesus H Christ, did you ever think about the god damn teleportation devices? you think those things work? NO. they fucking disintigrate the fuckers and send a soulless copy of them to whatever planet they're going to. Is THAT in god's fucking design? I think not. And while we're at coming up with pointless things to say God doesn't want, I wish I had a fucking unicorn. that'd be badass. You better be glad that you didn't come to my Star Wars premier, because you would have been fucking mob lynched, and hung by the Star Wars banner at the top of the theater. Fuck you, you stupid assholes. If I ever find you, I'll fucking shit in your mouth, then have you shit that out, and then force you to eat that shit, which is composed of shit that I previously made you eat. Who gives you the right to start your own religion, you soulless bastards. what, the other ones aren't good enough for you?

p.s. please contact us later about joining your wonderful cult. we're very interested...... fuckers

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on Monday, January 23rd, nunya said[/IMG]

on Monday, January 23rd, nunya said[/IMG]

on Sunday, January 1st, Tim said

THIS GUYS IS LIKE 90% RIGHT YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING RETARDS WHOEVER WOULD SIT HERE TO MAKE A GAY WEBSITE LIKETHIS IS FUCKING STUPID RELIGION IS A BUNCH OF COMMUNIST BULLSHIT WHERE EVERYONE DOES WHAT ONE ALMIGHTY CREATOR SAYS BUT SEE THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS THE CHURCH TRICKING PPL INTO THINKING THAT THERE IS A GOD THEY NEED TO LISTEN TO OR THEY WILL DIE AND PPL HAVE BLOWN IT WAY OUT OF PORPOTION AND THE CHURCH DID THIS BECUZ THEY ARE A BUNCH OF CONTROLLING BASTARDS AND ANYONE WHO BELIEVES IN GOD IS BLIND... you cant think for yourselves and you are uneducated. it also saddens me that these bullshit ideas are forced upon children and for the ppl who made this website you are fucking stupid you made it so you have to register but theres no place that i could find to register and also you give no email.. whys that are you afraid someone my discredit your stupid ass ideas becuz even if there is a god you would be the ones going to hell becuz your stopping ppl from having fun and all this shit.. i will say about this post that star trek isnt fucking against god thats about as stupid as this whole website but he was probly just doing it to prove a point.. and that is you guys are so dam ignorant. i dont like star wars or star trek much but uhh im pretty sure neither of them has anything to do with god and you fuckers who created this site.. your the reason this world is so dam fucked up becuz you cant just let ppl do what they want to do it always has to be about what YOU believe well guess what i dont fear you nor god and im sure that most ppl with a brain dont and thats why i left my email becuz anyone who thinks im stupid can email me and i can tell them to go fuck themselves there too

on Wednesday, December 14th, Wow. said

You are incredibly intolerant. But sort of right. That doesn't make you any less of an asshole though.