THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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December 2005

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12/22/2005: "I am a Jedi and I am offended!"

music: John Lennon
mood: Disheartened

I thought Christians were to busy killing Jews and Muslims to be starting a fight with Star Wars and the Jedi. It is crap like this that has forced me to leave Christianity to become a Buddhist/Jedi. I am sick of all the hate that these “children of God” spew out of their mouths. It makes me sad think that these sick people are raising their children to hate those who are different. I hope you sad people can find peace in your lives; May the Force be with you.

Chris B.

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on Sunday, January 1st, Tim said

this guys right who wouldve thought that christians couldve started a fight with anything else we all thought they were to busy fighting with everything else in the world to bother with things such as star wars razz