THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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12/23/2005: "omgwtfbbq"

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You guys crack me up. You seriously do, you're like Saturday Night Live or something. You need to learn that Star Wars is Fiction, and not reality. You're as bad as the Naturlists and stuff, rofl.


Give me Jesus Points.

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on Friday, March 3rd, EVA said


on Friday, January 20th, none said

I always believed that christians contradicted themselves continuously. Didn't Jesus once say to love your enemies as much as your friends? well stop abusing those who believe in a different religion than you and actually follow those types of teachings. Take what you preach. I admit I do not believe in the force itself but I follow the principles of the Jedi. Infact if memory serves I believe the Force was made from several beliefs and religions such as Taoism, Bushido and of course Christianity. The Light and dark side can be refered to like Jehova (Iehova in latin if memory serves) and of course the being refered to as satan, but then again what does the two represent? Good and Evil and from the way I see it, Good and Evil are points of view made by MAN. But who knows, there may be an entity similar to god himself. But never the less the people who think star wars is part of satans work is either delluded or extremly arrogant. Get over the fact that people do not always believe the same thing. Learn to accept people for who they are, not what they believe in. But until you realise this truth for yourself, May the force (or more the priciples of the Jedi) be with you.