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How to Give The Finger
Those Darn Skate Kids!
Step 1

1) Extend either arm at an approximately 90° angle perpendicular to the body.

You'd be surprised how many people don't give The Finger correctly. Save yourself from unnecessary embarrassment by going over these few simple steps.

Be Strong. Be Proud. Then Flip. Remember: You are the master of your own bird.

Step 2

2) Bend arm at the elbow. Position it parallel to the body, forming three sides of a perfect square.


3) Close palm tightly.

Step 4

4) Fiercely upturn digit between pointer and ring finger.

Uncle Sam Has Something To Say

Mark Scarola

In addition to being the slogan for a well-known fried chicken chain, "Finger Lickin' Good" is also the title of a book about "the ins and outs of lesbian sex".

Now You Are Giving The Finger!

5) Hold approximately 10 seconds to a minute for emphasis.

Illustrations by Steve Benaquist

Introduction to this Website

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History of the Finger

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