THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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If you linked directly here, this is a discussion boad open to all based on the ideas presented in the Tool of Satan website.

June 2005

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06/01/2005: "You're NUTS"

Speaking of nuts, mine itch, but my girlfriend is sitting on my lap and
in order for me to scratch them, i have to manuver my fingers under her
crotch and she is still on her period, so i don't want to accedentally smear
goo all around her fresh new pad.
Anyways, I think you all are the evil ones. I also think Hollywood is
evil. I REALLY think that christians are just jealous of Hollywood because
moviestars are cooler than christians. I have reason to believe that Jesus
was gay. If jesus were alive today, he would have starred in Gummo and would
have had sex with Harmony Korine. I think he was also a sadist masochist.
You know as well as i know that he got off on dying on the cross for our
sins, just as much as catholic priests get off on children. Did you know
that churches were a safe haven for homosexuals all throughout history? Just
like the army. What if the United States army were controlled by jesus? Who
do you think we would bomb first? If it weren't for jesus, we wouldn't have
so much pollution. People would run the streets naked and it would be ok to
sleep with our mothers, just like our holy father did.
I love you guys, and i think what you do is great, but i think its
wrong that you try and use the force to convince people that the force is
bad. Doesn't that make you a hypocrite? Also i think you trying to use star
wars as a platform also makes you a fascist, and a racist, but thats another
story. I would also like to add that if Jesus were alive to see your web
site, He would note that calling him "captain" is illegal in heaven.
Star Wars is ment to distract the people of the world not only from
ones work and school, but also idiot bible bangers who could'nt have an
original thought to save the good book itself. As R2D2 once said "bleep,
blip blip wheeeewww, do dit do". Thanks.


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