THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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If you linked directly here, this is a discussion boad open to all based on the ideas presented in the Tool of Satan website.

June 2005

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Monday, June 20th

Dood! You're STILL on Ebay!

I am not kidding. You guys are getting scammed! People are making money off your stupidity, and I say, great. I am going to bid on this bag and frame it knowing that you morons are going to HELL!

The seller is also selling an Emmy Screener for Battlestar Galactica. Do you have any problems with Evil Cylons?


Reader on 06.20.05 @ 11:47 AM PST [link]

Saturday, June 18th

This has to be a joke,...

People know that no matter how hard they try to get the remote to fly from the top of the tv to your palm wont work. These movies are movies, we enjoy them for a story, a few vehicles and light sabers. I am a christian [dont knock it, just something I know is best for some people] who knows the difference between a story, and the bible's theme - Gods universal sovreignty that will someday become evident despite this little turn for the worse mankind has been on. If you believe in the bible, go back to the garden, the answer lies there. Now then MORE important than "Star Wars" being a tool of satan, how about the real tools of satan, depression,drugs, disease, infidelity,anger,lust, jealosy,
greed,lies. These things destroy people and families everyday. So I don't really see where this miss-
guided zeal fits in with Gods purpose for mankind.
Reader on 06.18.05 @ 12:43 AM PST [link]

Friday, June 17th


"The STAR WARS is Satan's TOOL"
and above that an ad with a link to and text: "We sell statues busts props figures Bowen Star Wars LOTR Marvel & DC"
img at
And Star Wars is sci-fi, not fantasy.
You are a bunch of dickheads!
Reader on 06.17.05 @ 06:30 AM PST [link]

Thursday, June 16th

You' re really ridiculous!

Go and see the movie, enjoy it, and leave people alone.

Who are you? You' re living by an old fashioned two thousand years old dogmatistic religion. Your religion took far the most victims in World's history. What makes you to be THE MAN knowing THE TRUTH??? You' re pathetic! And one more thing: If you are so fucking filled with the love of "God" or Jesus, why are you selling T-Shirts? ??? Why it isn't free? Something makes me feel that you are a teenager who saves for the next SW movie. Fuckfaced!

And why exactly T-Shirts? Why not books, or theatre tickets? I think you are a member of the big market, and you use the ignorance of believers. I can't remember where T-Shirts are in Bible. And
in my opinion, you are the Satan's Storm for children, and those poor loosers, who believes in such a selfish, narcissistic, cruel god lke yours. So shut the fuck up, and burn in Hell...

Or just try to get a girl... It would help..

Prostatikus Vogon Jeltz
Reader on 06.16.05 @ 02:40 PM PST [link]

Monday, June 13th

You're still on Ebay!
They must have all your Star Wars bags! Suckers using your name to spread the word of the Satan! How does it feel?
Reader on 06.13.05 @ 11:23 AM PST [link]

Saturday, June 11th

you have a poster that says "Jesus is the Force". Then there is another t-shirt saying "The Force is a Tool of Satan". do the math yourself...
Reader on 06.11.05 @ 09:19 AM PST [link]

Wednesday, June 8th


Reader on 06.08.05 @ 03:35 PM PST [link]

Tuesday, June 7th

Christianity is the real evil here!

Lets start with what Christianity is supposedly about.

Christianity = Followers of Jesus Christ or to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

Christianity today = Bunch of sellouts and haters who are all going to hell because they did not follow Jesus's teachings.

I will try to keep this short. Please follow me on this journey

Jesus went to John the Baptist to cleanse him of his sins, true? Yes this is true, this means Jesus went to find salvation. Christians today = AND I QUOTE! "You need to find Jesus". Hmm when did Jesus ever tell someone what the other person should do? Did he force the apostles to follow him? No! They choose through their own free wills to follow him.

The Christian Bible = Doctored text that has been rewritten over the centuries by evil priests/ Pope's, which is a fact. So then you preach to everyone that everyone should follow these words. Thats what I call the real evil.

What am i getting at? Well I'll put it simply not everyone believes in Christianity and if you don't get that through your freakin' heads and leave people who don't want to believe in your so called religion alone than you are the one that needs help. I was Baptized a Christian, and I left once I learned what a bunch of phony people make up the Christian religion.

Remember I never said that I didn't believe Jesus didn't exist. I believe he had lived long ago, but that is all. I refuse to believe in a religion that lies to its flock. The bible is filled with lies, the preachers preach hate, and the practioners themselves never practice what they preach.

I can go on and on and on, but I refuse to have you ruin my life. I wasted 18 years in this farce of a religion and since you made such a big stink about people believing in the force, I just might look into THE FORCE as a religion.

May the Force be with you!
Reader on 06.07.05 @ 12:03 AM PST [link]

Monday, June 6th

Dood! You're on Ebay!

Somebody got your Target bags and is making money off your sorry asses! Fools!
Reader on 06.06.05 @ 05:14 PM PST [link]

Sunday, June 5th


Dear brothers and sisters,

Thank you for spreading the holy message of Jesus. Amen.

-F. P. Stulti
Reader on 06.05.05 @ 04:07 PM PST [link]

Saturday, June 4th

It's not a religion, but a HOBBY

Lets go through a few things...

Star Wars Episode 3 was written as a prequel to Ep. 4, 5, & 6. Agreed?

It is known that Anakin Skywalker does turn evil and triumphs in Ep. 3. This
cannot be denied.

The Force is a mystical ability, but one of fantasy. It is sad when a fan
becomes devoted enough to believe that the force is real. But the movie, nor
the director should be blamed for their lack of self control.

Yes, some worship the saga religiously, but most of these people can
determine the difference between reality and fantasy. Many friends of mine
that worship the Star Wars world are die hard Christians as well. It is not
a religion. It is a hobby.

Yoda isn't out there to steal your soul. R2-D2 isn't some demon god named
Baal or whatever you choose to call it, and Luke Skywalker doesn't answer
the phones at the front desk in hell.

Degrees from any university don't look as impressive when you use them on a
website demoting someone's artistic visions. There will always be those that
find ways to throw someone out of the loop. You two are no differen't.

Well, now that I got some of that out of the way, let me tell you a little
about the person behind this stuff. I am a Star Wars fan. I consider myself
one, but I know the reality of it. Which is that it is only a movie. It is
not a religion. It is not the antichrist either though. It is a pure work of
fantasy. I am Agnostic, but that is NOT what determines my point of view on
this matter. I am a writer, though I have not published anything as of yet.
I respect other people's religious views, and I know where I stand on those
issues. I'm not here to prove anything, I think everyone should view this
how they take it, but I don't believe you two should promote something you
believe deeply in so poorly.

Star Wars has been a visionary treat for millions of people. It has been a
wealthy venture for George Lucas. It has been a turning point in filming,
and I don't think you two give it the respect it deserves. I don't think
there are any hidden messages, only the fight between good and evil. You
should be able to at least respect that.

Thats about all. I would like to hear back. Perhaps that will clear up some
confusion on my part as to exactly where you stand.
Reader on 06.04.05 @ 02:48 PM PST [link]

Thursday, June 2nd

Christians in the MINORITY?

From what some people are writing in here you would think that the biggest religion in the world WASN'T Christianity. How are you people made fun of? I only see extremeists being made fun of - or more literally- literalists. If you believe in the literal word of the Bible as being Real - then you have as big a problem distinguishing fantasy from reality as a Star Wars fan.

I think that sums this up.

Peter Glaas
Reader on 06.02.05 @ 10:20 PM PST [link]


Geez there is nothing Satanic about Star Wars it is purely a series of movies with a good story line and if you weren't doing this for money you would sell anything. I go to church a Southern Baptist Church which you probably think all churches but yours are wrong also and we get by just fine supporting our ministries without selling stuff or degrading anything such as movies. There is nothing wrong with star wars and no just because one may have the movies and some figures does not mean that they are worshiping a false God it is ok to be a die hard fan. You need to get a life and if you are going to degrade something atleast watch it and learn what it is about and learn to spell Yoda in the meantime start praying because you seem to really need it.
Assistant Sunday School Teacher,
Reader on 06.02.05 @ 06:43 PM PST [link]

Star Wars = Tell of Good Triumphant Over Evil

This toolofsatan website -

The force is an obvious reference to God - "binds the galaxy together" "luminous beings are we, not this crude matter".

The bible is a parable - stories to explain spirtual truths and the spiritual world. Star Wars is the same in this regard.

Anakin becomes Vader, and Vader is redeemed back to Anakin by his son. Good will win in the end. This is the story of Star Wars. This is the story of the Bible.

There are far worse things in this world - rape, murder, starvation, oppression, poverty, fascism - these are the issues that need to be addressed.

And these are the very things your website completely overlooks. "Jesus" merchandise and discrediting someone's work of art are the completely wrong direction to pursue.

So it ends that you are a hypocrite, and just as guilty as the rest of us.

Reader on 06.02.05 @ 06:48 AM PST [link]

Wednesday, June 1st

Hate Mail

Good day to you sirs, i just wanted to tell you, that
you are a bunch of f*g idiots!Star Wars is a damn
movie! i am very Christian and even i understand that
Star Wars is a fucking movie, and what are you trying
to say, that when the seventh Star Wars sequel is
released, God will beangry and cast an apocalupse on
us? how stupid is that! And you guys are fucking
confusing me, i mean the force is satan but jesus is
the force?! wouldnt that mean that Jesus is Satan or
that Satan is Jesus? And i dont think that any of you
have ever seen the original star wars because if you
had, you would know that good triumphs over evil and
that Darth Vader (anakin skywalker) redeems himself by
killing the evil one and saving his son in the same
act sacrificing himself so that his son could live.
And isnt that the basis of our religion, that God
forgives us, in the actual finale movie which is
actually the sixth, darth vader redeems himself and
corrects his past mistakes, therefore in the afterlife
God would forgive him for his sins. And Jesus was
Jewish i dont see why Geoerge Lucas is an evil Jew
when they share the same religions. You people just
don't have anything better to do than to relate the
things that people appreciate culturally to satan. i
mean face it, christians were never angels to ebgin
with, i mean they were after all responsible for the
haulacaust werent they, the slaughtering of many many
jews. and now theyve been redeemed by God like nothing
happened. you are all a bunch of idiots, get a life.
and in those t-shirts of jesus you use a rainbow, dont
you know that rainbows are the symbol that gays and
lesbians use, if youre so against a movie, id like to
see how against gays and lesbians you guys are,
because youre sporting gays with those rainbow
Angry and insulted Christian Star Wars Fan

Please, write back to me i would like to know your

Chickens and cows rock!

Sergio Toranzo
Reader on 06.01.05 @ 11:01 PM PST [link]


Piss off you narrow minded fools... ITS JUST A MOVIE... and there is
no god.

Carlos Slater
Reader on 06.01.05 @ 08:13 PM PST [link]


By the way, your "Final Episode" is not the last one. In the final episode
the dark side falls. Jack asses.

Josh Greene
Reader on 06.01.05 @ 04:48 PM PST [link]


This has nothing to do with star wars, im not a fanatic, ive seen each movie, excluding the newest one id say once or twice each. But the fact that you are using to sell "god" or "jesus" is so unbelievably blasphemery, that you're torturing yourselves; and this coming from myself who KNOWS that there is no god, and wishes that people would unite as one, and not follow something so medieval, immature, and down right unevolutionary as something as god, is just sad. We all stem from the earth, wake up, we're all the same SPECIES. Race and Religion are MAN MADE WORDS. WAKE UP. Why is their poverty, sickness, torture, suicide, because we live in a world not able to justify its own existence, so we use faith as a crutch. No dont get me wrong, I have no problem with people having faith, but thats it, there should be nothing more, when you die, guess what you die. and your whole life you wont believe it, and when ur dead you wont even know it, BECAUSE YOU ARE DEAD. So stop believing in so heavily in ur 'god' or 'jesus' its an endless path to NOTHING. Carpe Diem my friends, Seize the Day, treat all how u want to be treated, dont base anything on race, religion creed or anything like that, and you'll be a much happier, much more SANE individual(s). Well have a nice day, and stop using movies to promote 'god'. Thats just idiotic and further more brings down the small if any chance of actual belief in god.
Reader on 06.01.05 @ 02:04 PM PST [link]

Ha ha!

this has got to be the funniest web site i have ever seen. is this serious if it is then its even better
Reader on 06.01.05 @ 01:57 PM PST [link]

You're NUTS

Speaking of nuts, mine itch, but my girlfriend is sitting on my lap and
in order for me to scratch them, i have to manuver my fingers under her
crotch and she is still on her period, so i don't want to accedentally smear
goo all around her fresh new pad.
Anyways, I think you all are the evil ones. I also think Hollywood is
evil. I REALLY think that christians are just jealous of Hollywood because
moviestars are cooler than christians. I have reason to believe that Jesus
was gay. If jesus were alive today, he would have starred in Gummo and would
have had sex with Harmony Korine. I think he was also a sadist masochist.
You know as well as i know that he got off on dying on the cross for our
sins, just as much as catholic priests get off on children. Did you know
that churches were a safe haven for homosexuals all throughout history? Just
like the army. What if the United States army were controlled by jesus? Who
do you think we would bomb first? If it weren't for jesus, we wouldn't have
so much pollution. People would run the streets naked and it would be ok to
sleep with our mothers, just like our holy father did.
I love you guys, and i think what you do is great, but i think its
wrong that you try and use the force to convince people that the force is
bad. Doesn't that make you a hypocrite? Also i think you trying to use star
wars as a platform also makes you a fascist, and a racist, but thats another
story. I would also like to add that if Jesus were alive to see your web
site, He would note that calling him "captain" is illegal in heaven.
Star Wars is ment to distract the people of the world not only from
ones work and school, but also idiot bible bangers who could'nt have an
original thought to save the good book itself. As R2D2 once said "bleep,
blip blip wheeeewww, do dit do". Thanks.

Reader on 06.01.05 @ 01:57 PM PST [link]


As a Star Wars fan, I'm offended that I am compared to idiot Chritians who go around telling people what to do! I don't tell people to see Star Wars and suffer! I don't worship R2-D2 like a god - I just like the stories!

Jeez. The whole second three movies sucked anyway. What a let down.

Phil Macintosh
Reader on 06.01.05 @ 12:19 PM PST [link]