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June 2005

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06/16/2005: "You' re really ridiculous!"

Go and see the movie, enjoy it, and leave people alone.

Who are you? You' re living by an old fashioned two thousand years old dogmatistic religion. Your religion took far the most victims in World's history. What makes you to be THE MAN knowing THE TRUTH??? You' re pathetic! And one more thing: If you are so fucking filled with the love of "God" or Jesus, why are you selling T-Shirts? ??? Why it isn't free? Something makes me feel that you are a teenager who saves for the next SW movie. Fuckfaced!

And why exactly T-Shirts? Why not books, or theatre tickets? I think you are a member of the big market, and you use the ignorance of believers. I can't remember where T-Shirts are in Bible. And
in my opinion, you are the Satan's Storm for children, and those poor loosers, who believes in such a selfish, narcissistic, cruel god lke yours. So shut the fuck up, and burn in Hell...

Or just try to get a girl... It would help..

Prostatikus Vogon Jeltz

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on Friday, June 17th, luca said

yea u go! tell these losers! how the fuck do you consider your self Holy people if you just put down star wras for the fun of it. Your really pathetic to say that the force is supposed to be like Godly powers! Go get a fucking life you damn loser........... ok i dont know if any of the stuff i said made sense........ but i damn well know that the other guys did!

Have A horrible day, you loser angry, grr