THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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June 2005

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06/18/2005: "This has to be a joke,..."

People know that no matter how hard they try to get the remote to fly from the top of the tv to your palm wont work. These movies are movies, we enjoy them for a story, a few vehicles and light sabers. I am a christian [dont knock it, just something I know is best for some people] who knows the difference between a story, and the bible's theme - Gods universal sovreignty that will someday become evident despite this little turn for the worse mankind has been on. If you believe in the bible, go back to the garden, the answer lies there. Now then MORE important than "Star Wars" being a tool of satan, how about the real tools of satan, depression,drugs, disease, infidelity,anger,lust, jealosy,
greed,lies. These things destroy people and families everyday. So I don't really see where this miss-
guided zeal fits in with Gods purpose for mankind.

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on Saturday, July 9th, Persch said

Star Wars is one of the most uplifting stories ever told, about a man falling from grace and then being redeemed by the love of his children and mentors. I fail to see how any of that could possible serve Satan. The people behind this website are utterly lost, even from the beliefs they so severely preach. I'm at a loss of words for how much I greive their embarassing portrayal of our faith, and how they are judging the good people who merely enjoy a good story being told by the most brilliant director to ever create movies.

on Thursday, June 23rd, Ryan said

Why aren't these guys protesting at some Hindu or Jewish Temple? People who participate in those places certainly don't beleive in Jesus Christ being our Savior and King. People such as these guys apparently grew up with parents who didn't let them watch tv, or read comic books...or in other words, have an IMAGINATION! George Lucas isn't some prophet, and no one makes a conscious decision to chose Luke Skywalker over Christ. I agree that the protesters did waste their time holding up signs. God created man, gave man the power to grow and have a mind and use it. God gave us talents. He wants us to use our talents to do great things. Lucas has the talent for making great fantasy films, and Star Wars not only made it's mark in history, it changed the way movies are made!