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June 2005

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06/04/2005: "It's not a religion, but a HOBBY"

Lets go through a few things...

Star Wars Episode 3 was written as a prequel to Ep. 4, 5, & 6. Agreed?

It is known that Anakin Skywalker does turn evil and triumphs in Ep. 3. This
cannot be denied.

The Force is a mystical ability, but one of fantasy. It is sad when a fan
becomes devoted enough to believe that the force is real. But the movie, nor
the director should be blamed for their lack of self control.

Yes, some worship the saga religiously, but most of these people can
determine the difference between reality and fantasy. Many friends of mine
that worship the Star Wars world are die hard Christians as well. It is not
a religion. It is a hobby.

Yoda isn't out there to steal your soul. R2-D2 isn't some demon god named
Baal or whatever you choose to call it, and Luke Skywalker doesn't answer
the phones at the front desk in hell.

Degrees from any university don't look as impressive when you use them on a
website demoting someone's artistic visions. There will always be those that
find ways to throw someone out of the loop. You two are no differen't.

Well, now that I got some of that out of the way, let me tell you a little
about the person behind this stuff. I am a Star Wars fan. I consider myself
one, but I know the reality of it. Which is that it is only a movie. It is
not a religion. It is not the antichrist either though. It is a pure work of
fantasy. I am Agnostic, but that is NOT what determines my point of view on
this matter. I am a writer, though I have not published anything as of yet.
I respect other people's religious views, and I know where I stand on those
issues. I'm not here to prove anything, I think everyone should view this
how they take it, but I don't believe you two should promote something you
believe deeply in so poorly.

Star Wars has been a visionary treat for millions of people. It has been a
wealthy venture for George Lucas. It has been a turning point in filming,
and I don't think you two give it the respect it deserves. I don't think
there are any hidden messages, only the fight between good and evil. You
should be able to at least respect that.

Thats about all. I would like to hear back. Perhaps that will clear up some
confusion on my part as to exactly where you stand.

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