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November 2006

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11/11/2006: "Wow...."

This is a message from me, Heretic Hero.

All christian zealots who think that you are better then everyone else...

Go fuck yourselfs. I have no problem with religion, nor the people who decide to follow it. Thats fine, people are free to do what they want, whatever. But when it comes to things like this, saying a MOVIE that has NOTHING to do with religion is evil, then I have to say something. You are all just clutching at straws here, making the worst possible connections to the movie and your religion that you can. I dont understand why you can't just let people watch thier movies in peace. I mean, going to the theater to protest, thats rediculous. I'm glad that you got removed from the theater, that kind of action is unacceptable. If this movie really is "evil" and "corrupting peoples souls" and all that other religious bullshit, then that really is the choice of the viewer to watch it. Part of our right as people is that we have the choice to do what we want to an extent, as long as its within the confines of the law. This movie broke no laws (and if you say "it broke the laws of the lord" or some crap like that, your just pathetic and dont have a better answer).

Christians have a bad reputation in my point of view. Always bothering people, on radio, tv, even outdoor advertising, about how your god is great and all that garbage. Telling people that they are all going to hell just because we dont believe in the same god, or a god for that matter. And hey, if we all do end up going to hell, well i guess that just fucking sucks, and too bad for us. But guess what, I really dont think thats going to happen. You die, your dead. Thats it. So simple eh? You+death=wormfood. No heaven. No magical land of clouds and angels and fantastic feasts and all that. No hell. No burning in wierd pits of lava or whatever you all think it is. No god. No devil. Just dead. Worms eating your dead body.

Your religion is so ass-backwards that it doesnt even know what its doing anymore, and now its got to a point where its followers (you) are running around protesting Science Fiction movies because in your messed up minds, so clouded by stories and the words of your leaders, these movies are evil, and telling people that there is no god! ITS A CLASSIC STORY ABOUT GOOD AND EVIL. GOOD WINS IN THE END! Honestly, what did you want to happen? Just in the middle of the movie, everyone stop fighting and be like "oh yes, why are we fighting? Lets just go and pray." Yeah...real great movie.

Your religion is based on a BOOK. An old book, that was written by several guys a long time ago. And if you are going to tell me that it was written by god or something like that, then why is it that there are edits? Who would dare edit the word of god? Would that not be a sin? And if the bible is so right, and we should all follow it, tell me this...

If your kid is bad, are you going to stone him or her to death?
Are you going to sell your daughter?

These things are in the bible. Do you really think that ONE man built a HUGE boat, got EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL in the world on it (sorry, not just one animal, but a male and a female), then sailed the boat on this huge flood (which there is no record for btw), then decided to distribute all the animals to thier appropriate spots (example, penguins to the south pole, marsupials to Australia). That is sheer...lunacy.

Think about what your doing before you do it. Dont be so stupid, stupid.

Lovingly yours,
Heretic Hero