THe Star Wars is Satan's Tool


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November 2006

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11/13/2006: "Star Wars is Just a Film...The Bible is Just a Book."

I really don't understand what you're going on at Star Wars for. Everyone knows that it's all just allegory for the events building up to, and during, World War II. I mean, we've got the chancellor who seizes power, and uses it to persecute a religious group. In Star Wars, it's Palpatine persecuting the Jedi (They even have Stormtroopers, just like Hitler), and in WW II, Hitler persecuted the Jews. It harms no-one. I do not know of one single person who took the film at face-value. People who do are just stupid, and if they die in a "car-crash" because they believe that "The Force" will save them, then they deserve to die. It's just like Christians who believe that "God" will cure their terminal illness, but then die because they don't seek medical help. They also deserve to die. The Bible is just a book, written 300 years after the fact (The New Testament anyway), and has been constantly edited since.
Star Wars also has strong Christian overtones, including a virgin birth, and "miracles" (Force powers). The entire thing is just Christianity for today's youth. It teaches good moral values, like friendship and love, and portrays people who dabble in "evil" powers (the DARK SIDE (Not the black side)), as disfigured monsters who are either killed by the forces of good (the LIGHT SIDE (Not the white side)), or are "saved" and convert back to good. So basically the whole thing is history (WW II), and religious paraphernalia (the bible) re-worded. It does no-one any harm, unless you're stupid enough to believe everything it says (just like if you believe everything the Bible says, including to hate everyone in your family to become a true disciple of Jesus (It does say that, not to love them less. Pick up any bible, and it'll say the same thing), and giving up all your money and possessions to Jesus (so, why didn't you give the money you spent butchering the rainforest to the church? You're going against God's word!)).

Now, onto the Bible. Not one single thing that the Bible says happened can be historically verified (except perhaps the whole Crucifixion thing that the Romans did to criminals), Everything that was written in either the new or old testament is simply usurped from Pagan religions. Now, you claim that Paganism is false, but why do you then say that everything the bible teaches is true? If you research it, then you will find that Pagans had their own Jesus figure several thousand years before "Jesus" himself supposedly existed (in fact they had several: Mithras, Horus, and whole scores of Greek Heroes (to name but a few: Herakles (Roman: Hercules), Achilles, Dionysus (Roman: Bacchus), Aeneas (more Roman than Greek)), all of whom claimed at least one divine parent. In particular, the births of Horus and Mithras are very similar to that of Jesus, taking place on Yule (December 21st - 26th), and in the case of Mithras, he also died around about Easter, and rose to become eternal and a true god. You people are very quick to point out the flaws of Star Wars, saying it is the work of demons, but a Pagan could very easily turn around, and say that the Bible is simply demonising their religion, and that Christians are perverting the message of the true faith.

Also, I would like to point out, that you do say that "Jesus is the Force", and then say that "The Force is a tool of Satan". We can therefore assume that Jesus=The Force, and therefore that Jesus is a tool of Satan (Your words, not mine). And don't say that your Faith defies logic, because then I'll have to respond by saying your ignorance and blind devotion defies all possible logic, and we'll escalate into a full-on slagging match, screaming at each other, in a nonsensical fashion, instead of having a civilised discussion like the rational Ape-descendants we are (And no, I'm not going into Evolution vs. Creationism, 'cause that's way off-topic, and takes far too long to talk about. Perhaps I'll just say that Dr. Gish of the Creationist Institute in California skews science, and that is not acceptable. (If you really want to get into the whole "Creation vs. Evolution thing, than go to, and check out brettkeane (he does videos about the whole debate of religion vs. atheism, including Evolution)).

So, as this post is finally getting unacceptably long for me, I'll just say that if you do either delete this from your message board, alter it in any way, or simply not allow it to go up at all, then it'll just prove that I've out-smarted you, and that you're not willing to debate it, because you know that you'll lose. So come on, let's have a rational debate about the whole Star Wars is a tool of Satan... or we can simply shout at each other, flinging insults back and forth like a couple of five year old children. Your choice.


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