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November 2006

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11/15/2006: "This is Mortimer Fontaine - website owner"

I have to make an clarification to a user titled "KAOS."

Another Reader must have replied to you, and I think he was making a "joke" based on the SMS message one "K-Fax" recieved from his "wife" the Pop singer Britany Spears.

Otherwise, if we address a post it will be from a "named" account. We have nothing to hide. People have made many posts here, and we give you the reader a chance to air your views. Many of you are quite rude and obscene, but we allow for this because we have love for you in our hearts.

Let me clarify our points for you:

1) You are a sinner. We all are.
In order to go to heaven, we must accept Jesus into our hearts. Otherwise you will go to Hell.

2) People are open to temptation.
Believing in "The Force" and not in Jesus will NOT get you into Heaven. People DO believe in teh Force. Do a web search yourself. People in many English Speaking countries claim "Jedi" as their religion. That is FACT.

3) No matter how much you threaten us and our organization, this fundemental truth will NOT change.

I'm sorry for you if you believe otherwise.

Yours in Christ,
Mortimer Fontaine